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C9 Hainanese Chicken 南洋海南鸡

Free range chicken poached in our special broth, giving you tender and succulent meat when served with our chef's signature soy dipping sauce.

W1 Penang Char Kway Teow 槟城炒粿条

The quintessential dish Penang is famous for Flat rice noodles stir-fried in a wok over high heat with juicy shrimp, fresh calamari, egg, chives, savory Chinese sausage and bean sprouts, infusing everything with a umami and smoky fragrance.

A5 Roti Murtabak 印度肉香面包

Our freshly pan-fried roti pancake folded with lavers of egg and deliciously spiced minced chicken. Served with a side of potato and chicken curry as a dipping sauce.

C17 Honey General Tso Chicken 蜜汁左宗鸡

Bite-sized pieces of chicken that have been battered and fried until crispy, then coated in a sweet and spicy sauce.

W4 Pad See Ew 泰式芥兰炒河粉

FIat rice noodles stir-fried with egg, crunchy chinese broccoli and Thai dark soy sauce with your protein of choice.

B14 Hainanese Chicken Over Rice 南洋海南鸡饭

Enjoy a single serving of our poached free range chicken with a side of chicken flavored rice.

B3 Thai Basil Chili Stone Pot Rice Bowl 泰式香叶石锅饭

Fresh Thai basil and minced protein of your choice stir-fried with aromatics and smoked chili, before being served over rice with a fried egg.

Murtabak: A Malaysian and Thai Delight

Murtabak: A Malaysian and Thai Delight
Indulge in our flavorful murtabak, a popular Malaysian and Thai dish. Stuffed with savory fillings like minced meat, onions, and eggs, it's a must-try. Served with a side of tangy dipping sauce, our murtabak is a delicious blend of spices and textures that will leave you craving for more.

Delivery and Pickup Options for Malaysian and Thai Cuisine

Delivery and Pickup Options for Malaysian and Thai Cuisine
Looking for Malaysian and Thai cuisine? Order murtabak, pad thai, and green curry for delivery or pickup. Enjoy authentic flavors at home. Our restaurant offers convenient online ordering for a hassle-free experience. Indulge in your favorite dishes without leaving your house.

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